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Our Story

Raise the Ruff Training was founded with an abundance of passion, knowledge, and - above all else - heart. 

After training for over a decade at pet resorts and pet retailers, Morgan decided that it was time to open up shop on her own and truly make a difference in her client's lives. 

Morgan is passionate about building relationships between humans and their pets because she has seen first-hand the powerful impact that can have on behavior. After all, it is through trust and compassion that we begin to form the behaviors we hope to see.

We all know that dogs are not robots, and here at Raise the Ruff, we will never treat them as one. We are committed to deciphering why your pet is displaying certain behaviors so that we can tailor or training to meet their needs.

We believe that training should be fun and exciting! We strive to accomplish this by only using scientifically backed fear free and force free methods in our classes. In other words - our training is positive and rewarding! 

These methods will build relationships where your dog responds to you because they want to, not because they have to. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started on this life-changing training journey TODAY.

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