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Blue-9 Balance Harness

This revolutionary harness allows you to safely enjoy your walks together without all that powerful pulling! The Balance Harness features a front and back clip to reduce pulling and help you teach your dog loose leash walking much more effectively. This harness is perfect for reactive dogs and general leash pullers! 


Doggone Good Treat Pouch

Take the hassle out of rewarding your dog with this easy to use, high quality treat pouch! It features a magnetic closure to keep curious noses from digging inside - and multiple pockets for all of your training needs!  It also offers a belt clip as well as a waist strap, making it the perfect treat pouch for any outfit or adventure. 


Kurgo Quantum Leash

This hands-free leash has a nearly endless amount of configurations and uses! You can configure it as an over the shoulder or waistband leash for easier, hands free walks. It can also be used as a tether when out and about with your dog. The dual clip system also make it the perfect leash to pair with the Blue-9 Balance Harness. If you have a multi-dog household, using a Quantum Leash for each pet makes walking a breeze!


Long Training Leash

A must-have to practice recall and distance behaviors safely in real world environments! If you want to ensure your dog will come when you call them, or perform basic cues off leash, this training lead will give you the safety net you need to proof those behaviors!

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